Night Stand is one of a suite of apps by the alarm clock company that turns your iPad into a social media clock. Ok so you already have a clock on your iPad with a perfectly acceptable alarm so why consider paying for a stand alone app. For starters it’s a large alarm clock with […]

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At present there aren’t a whole load of source code editors on the iPad but one that is worth considering is Textastic. It’s part source code editor part FTP client (also supporting WebDAV sFTP, iDisk and of course Dropbox access). So it’s a good fit for people who like to edit websites on the move, […]


Bike Baron isn’t a new iPad game but since it had an update during the 2011 Christmas period it seemed worth reviewing one of my biggest time wasters :). The game is a platformer with its own level editor. It’s set in a cartoon 3D world made of ramps, jumps loops ice, pumpkins and sheep […]

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If your looking to Improve your productivity and organise your time then you’ve probably looked at a variety of task management apps to keep your on track. Finding one that is simple elegant and functional to use on a daily basis is often difficult and personally I get bored of them fairly quickly , well […]


Printing from iPad Wirelessly using AirPrint

January 6, 2012 Tips
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Printing from your iPad was a dream until AirPrint came in iOS 5 excluding some expensive apps that involved setting up your computer to act as a wireless network print server. Those days are gone but it’s still not straight forward to print from your iPad. So what printer do you buy that will be […]

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Otter Box iPad 2 case Defender Series

January 3, 2012 Accessories
otter box iPad 2 defender case

TheOtterbox iPad 2 case Price: $89.95 The otter box ipad 2 case defender series offers all round protection for your ipad and is one of the toughest and most durable on the market. With a polycarbonate shell to make s encasing a foam interior this case offers unrivaled levels of iPad protection. Covered by a […]

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X-Plane 9 for iPad

January 2, 2012 Games
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X-Plane 9 for iPad is a flight simulator offering 22 different locations to choose from. The quality of the graphics is far better than its iPhone equivilant, there are more buildings a longer field of vision and many more aircraft, so many in fact I gave up counting after 40. It’s not limited to flying […]

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Monopoly Here and Now, World Edition for iPad, Multiplayer Game

December 18, 2011 Games
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Monopoly Here and Now world edition for iPad came as quite a surprise. Mainly this is because of the quality and depth of this game. It’s unlikely that you have never had any experience with Monopoly, but to sum it up the name says it all, your objective is to have a Monopoly of properties […]

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Fox News iPad App

December 17, 2011 Entertainment
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If your a fan of Fox News then having access to all the latest information and being able to select your favorite show segments will certainly prove useful. The app is essentially a portal to Foxes content. The main section of the screen holds each article or video rotating on a horizontal carrousel ever 5-10 […]

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Flash on the iPad really? Skyfire Web browser iPad app tested

December 15, 2011 Productivity
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Heres the thing everyone knows you can’t view flash on the iPad or any other iOS device. Most webmasters have realised this and at least the majority of your web experiences will be fine without it. Apples reason for this was security and also band width principally on the iPhone at the the time. That […]

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