Dragon Dictation iPad App review

Is Dragon Dictation for iPad the perfect business app?

by Andy on December 7, 2011

Is Dragon dictation the perfect business app? It is one of the most popular business apps at the moment just looking at the App Store. That said the app is also had some criticism within the reviews. The aim of this review is to get to the bottom of whether it actually worth downloading using and whether it’s practical for you to use on the move and for your business.

Unlike the desktop version of Dragon Dictate this doesn’t require any kind of learning it’s just a case of clicking the red “Record” button on the top and getting going. Whilst it is recommended that you use the microphone from your iPad headphones, it will by default except the built-in microphone of the iPad.

As soon as you get going dictating to dragon, you notice a small graphic equaliser at the bottom half of the screen the rest gets greyed out and you can’t actually see what you’re saying, this is because it needs to record your voice separately but seems beneficial as it avoids any other distractions on the screen. A Wi-Fi connection is required in order to analyse your voice, the speed which processes it isn’t that time-consuming there are some notes within the reviews made that it hasn’t worked and I haven’t found that problem when testing.

Dragon Dictation for iPad recording view

In portrait mode you only get the screen that you’re going to be dictating on, flick over to landscape and you have the notes on the left hand side. Quite a handy feature is the fact that it tells you that you need to speak, the microphone is indicated by a small “speak here” icon which is reoriented with your screen. I found you don’t need to be close to this to get it to work effectively. When Dragon Dictation makes an error you have the ability to hold down your finger on the word and delete or select alternatives by using the keyboard. This is useful to a point although if it’s at the bottom of the screen what you’ll find is that you can’t scroll down and see what you’re actually writing. It involves checking by opening and closing the keyboard to see where you correctly put the cursor. This is irritating to say the least. It also makes it distinctly difficult to position the cursor in the right place.

Dragon Dictation for iPad editing screen

All in all of the free at you can’t really complain about it does do with the expected in fact it got the Wi-Fi connection running you can dictate quite easily you just need to get used to the process of talking and hopefully getting the right result, it takes some time to pick up remember to end sentences add paragraphs and comma’s.

So what do you do after you completed your dictation we had a choice by clicking the arrow pointing downwards with the line below it right in the top hand cornerYou have the option to e-mail cut copy Facebook or twitter what you’ve produced. Wasn’t completely understand the reasons that somebody wanting to e-mail can’t copy or perhaps send it to Facebook and think the use of twitter is quite frankly a little bit of an oversight who really wants to dictate 140 characters for a tweet? Along with this it doesn’t seem to work and this is where the application crashes for me at least.

Dragon Dictation for iPad options

For a free app that will take your tax and progressive tax you can’t really nothing but it’s not particularly easy to use and need to be working into thinking out why have been done to improve the branded dragon and get out there and people to buy the desktop application it doesn’t do enough to promote the ground is caring even if it is essentially a fairly useful free application.

Available on the App Store

Version tested: 2.0.15
on iOS: 5.0.1

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