how to delete an iPad app

How to delete iPad apps

by Andy on December 1, 2011

To delete IPad Apps that you have installed but no longer want follow the instructions below.

Firstly, in the main menu were all of your apps are, start by holding your finger down on the app that you want to delete although any app will do.

All of your apps will start to shake. Notice that each app has a small black cross in the top left of the icon. On the iPad app that you want to delete click on the black cross.

how to delete an iPad app menu screen with crosses

Finally a pop up will come up telling you asking you if you are sure whether you wish to delete the iPad app. Click to confirm and the app will be gone from the screen.

how to delete an iPad app confirmation screen

Still can’t delete an iPad App

There is one extra step if you can’t delete your iPad apps. Go to the Settings app and under the general tab go down to “Restrictions”. You will see “Deleting Apps” at the bottom of the Allow section, uncheck the restriction on this and go back and do the steps outlined above.┬áIts likely that you would have set Restrictions to ON at some earlier point and it may require your pass code to deactivate these.

Be aware that you can’t delete Apps that come as part of iOS like safari or mail.

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